Watch Out Boss - 波士早晨

Good Morning Boss
The background of the series is a telecommunications company. Apart from helping their bosses deal with trivial work matters, the job of secretaries is to also help them obtaininformation. A lot of the time, secretaries will eat with other secretary groups or secretaries of a rival company to help their boss obtain information, and may also release information for their boss at the same time. Secretaries also help their boss deal with personal matters, such as helping him pay utility bills, file taxes, and even helping the boss’ children with their homework; thus, their relationshipis quite close. – Every episode will begin with a short play to introduce the theme of that episode. The style of this one-minute short play is vastly different from the series, as it may be ancient, a siege,etc. It will be rather exaggerated and funny.

Comedy, TV Series
Flora Chan, Ben Wong, Ali Lee, Tony Hung, Amy Fan, Waise Lee, Candice Chiu
15 Episodes
12 February 2018
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