Waiting For Love - 연애를 기대해

Looking Forward to Romance / Hope For Dating / Expect Dating / Hope For Love / Waiting For Romance
Contemporary society is too hectic for love. Falling in love is not a matter of emotional exercise anymore. It is a game of power and brain. Multi-play and flirting skills are the necessities rather than extra. For the people who like being fast and clear, dating skill specialists are emerged. It’s called “Pick-Up Artist”. However, there is a girl who is the last romantist in this generation. She has been hurt so many times because she fell in love. She is tired of being in love, she just wants to date! Through a social media, the pick-up artist and the girl start one-on-one lessons about dating. Through the chic and click datingskills, will she be happy?
BoA, Choi Daniel, Im Si Wan, Kim Ji Won, Oh Jung, Kim Min Young, Park Jin Joo
02 Episodes
11 September 2013