Ups and Downs - 無業樓民

无业楼民 / Mou Yip Lau Man / Wu Ye Lou Min
Hong Kong’s economic bubble bursts under the financial crisis. HUNG TAI LUNG (LAU CHUNG YAN, DAMIAN), who holds a senior position, has been laid off. His 1,600-square-feet luxurious apartment has become a negative asset. In order to pay his instalment loan, LUNG divides his apartment into four parts and rents them out to three different tenants.

LAW SAU LAN (NG WING MEI) and her husband, a senior civil servant, have been married for years. Seeing her husband suffering from an investment loss, LAN gives all her savings to him. Her husband, however, loves someone else and proposes a divorce. In order to save face, LAN decides to hide the truth from her own family and continues to support them on her own. In a financial difficulty now, LAN becomes LUNG’s tenant. LAN and LUNG do not get on well and always quarrel. LUNG’s other tenants include SUEN PIK LING (CHEUNG SUN YUN, NICOLA), a property agent doing very badly in property speculation; KU HON WAN (LIU KAI CHI), a van driver, his over-ambitious wife SHUM CHUN MEI (KWOK SIU WAN, FLORENCE) and their two children.

Living under the same roof yet coming from completely different backgrounds, these tenants have a lot of clashes and disagreements. The idea of starting up a business comes to LUNG when he finds the rental income unstable and he has had enough to be unemployed. His friend, LING HEI SZE (KWONG WA) discovers that LUNG is good at making sauces and suggests him to start up a business. WAN joins them as well. Middle-aged already, will these three men succeed? Meanwhile, LUNG realizes that LAN is divorced. Love blossoms between the two of them. On the other hand, LING is courting LUNG. What will be LUNG’s final choice? 

TV Series
Damian Lau, Kwong Wa, Christine Ng, Liu Kai Chi, Florence Kwok, Evergreen Mak, Tavia Yeung, Patrick Dunn, Mickey Chu
21 Episodes
03 January 2000
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