The Widower - 情殺三重奏

Webster's estranged wife Felicity Drumm, his former partner Simone Banerjee and Detective Inspector Charlie Henry (who had led the investigation that led to Webster's arrest) all contributed to the production. Webster's first wedding was reconstructed, based on a VHS recording provided by his first wife's family. Reece Shearsmith, who portrayed Webster described him as a "horrible, petulant little boy ... who even now believes he has been wronged, his entire life has always been poor Malcolm, poor Malcolm, with no thought for the terrible crimes and the victims that he has left in his wake." Malcolm Webster was not approached (although his solicitor was informed that the film was being made). Banerjee complimented Shearsmith's performance and described the production as "99% accurate". Drumm initially declined to comment on the series. She is said to have been reluctant to take part in the project, but felt obligated due to being financially destitute. However she later discussed the series in an interview, in which she described the show as "strange to view" and criticised the show for not capturing Webster's personality which she described as "very extroverted, likable, funny, amusing person to be around, he was good company", whereas in the film he was portrayed as "not at all likable", which she felt marred the show's credibility. She stated also that he would adjust his personality to a particular woman. Claire Webster's brother Peter Morris was reported as being impressed by Smith's portrayal of his sister, stating: "Sheridan captured Claire completely. I miss that camaraderie of a sibling and I thank Sheridan for giving that back to me for a while."
Reece Shearsmith, Sheridan Smith, Kate Fleetwood, Archie Panjabi, John Hannah, James Laurenson
Paul Whittington
Production company(s):
ITV Studios