The Revelation of the Last Hero - 風之刀

Once upon a time, Wan (Lau Kong) defeated Chin (Law Lok Lam) in a fight and Chin was crippled. He was to go to the Self-Renunciation Island to reform himself. Fortune-teller Jit predicted Wan would become the master of the martial arts world, while at the same time he would also cause severe destruction. Furious, Wan tried to kill Jit. Jit managed to escape with his daughter, Ping (Vivien Leung) and they met Chin on his boat, heading towards the Self-Renunciation Island. Then, there was a storm and Wan thought they were all drowned. Seven years later, Ping grew up and went back to take revenge. She spread Jit’s prediction around and Wan was so upset that he killed anyone who helped spread the news. Fung (Aaron Kwok) was being accused and Wan tried to kill him. He asked Suet for protection but was mistook by Ching (Tai Chi Wai) and Sik (Lau Sau Ping), to be a rascal and they tried to arrest him. Fung was then made to stay at Fung’s to reform. Hang (Frankie Lam) was Jit’s child but was brought up by Chu. He grew to become greedy for power and wealth. Meanwhile, Fung was entangled in a relationship with Bu (Fanny Yuen), Ping (Vivien Leung) and Sheung (Ada Choi). When Sheung realized she could not win Fung’s love, she turned to Hang and together, they tried to take over the martial arts world. Fung, then, joined forces with Ping and Bu to fight back…

故事講述武林大俠司馬縱橫(劉江飾)偷得邪功,嫁禍好友洪震(羅樂林飾),並與之決戰,縱橫打敗洪震,廢其武功,將他送往無我島教化。皇極神算姚康節算出橫必會稱霸,但禍害武林,縱橫恐他洩秘,要殺他滅口。康節抱其女子平逃至其船上,與洪震同被送往無我島,途中遇雷電劈中船身,縱橫以為眾人已死而安心,實則眾人已逃往一孤島。 十年後,子平(梁小冰飾)長大,回中原向縱橫報仇,四出散播預言,令縱橫憂心,縱橫下令捕散謠者,市井小子駱風(郭富城飾)無辜被牽連,為要保命,駱風投靠紅袍使者兀术,因而被方靖(戴誌衛飾)及司馬秋惜(劉秀萍飾)夫婦誤為歹人加以追殺,縱橫為從駱風口中查出真相,安排他到山莊內接受感化。 康節另有一子力行(林文龍飾),由朱皇撫養成人,力行天生魔性,為名利權力,漸入魔道。而駱風則有連番奇遇,武功大進,且與子平、赫連勃勃(袁潔瑩飾)及凌湘(蔡少芬飾)展開一段多角戀,勃父蒙遜(梁家仁飾)則愛上湘母凌仙,後凌湘因得不到駱風的愛,與力行同流合污,禍害武林,駱風、子平、勃勃唯有聯手對抗。
TV Series
Aaron Kwok, Noel Leung, Ada Choi, Fennie Yuen, Frankie Lam, Bryan Leung
25 Episodes
02 November 1992
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