The No No Girl - 全職沒女

師奶大翻身 / Chuen Hit Moot Nui
After embarrassingly exposing her fiancee as a cheater during their wedding banquet, Law Lai-ching (Adia Chan) leaves him but not wanting their paid Midsummer Night Garden Hotel suite to go to waste she stays the night with her older sister Law Lai-chi and friend/wedding photographer Sam Ko. Meanwhile Richmond Chong Fu-ho (Eddie Cheung) head of Midsummer Night Garden Hotel, who has just won a top executive award, night is ruined when he has to deal with his good for nothing son Wayne Chong (Owen Cheung) who has taken advantage of his father's position by having an all out drunk party at one of the hotel rooms. While carting his dead drunk son out of the hotel Richmond finds Lai-ching's left behind stuck on the elevator shoe. No one seems to be able to pull the shoe out except Richmond, who doesn't find anything out of the ordinary and throws the shoe away.

Three years later Lai-ching works for her almost to be mother-in-law Dina Buffett, small mall bridal studio along with her sister Lai-chi and Sam Ko. Dina still holds a grudge against Lai-ching for embarrassing her son and has cursed Lai-ching to be a spinster for life. During a trip to the airport to pick up her new boyfriend Titin, Lai-ching gets into a minor car accident with Richmond's chauffeured car and immediately recognizes Richmond as a man she had met seven years ago.

After a fallout between Richmond and Wayne, in which Richmond still blames Wayne for the death of his older son, Wayne gets into a bar brawl which leaves him delirious drunk and beaten on the streets. Lai-ching and Sam tends to Wayne but a drunken Wayne mistakes Sam's macaron shaped USB drive as an actual macaron and eats it. With precious client photos stored in the USB drive Lai-ching has no other choice but to take Wayne to her home, where Wayne pretends to have amnesia in order to stay with her. Richmond soon finds Wayne refusing to come back to the hotel and is working as a wedding videographer.

While Lai-ching books a suite at the Midsummer Night Garden Hotel to prepare for her wedding to her latest fiancee Titin, Richmond encounters a distressed man who can't decide which woman to settle for. After some words of advise from Richmond the distress man decides he doesn't want to get married anymore and leaves his fiancee which happens to be Lai-ching on their wedding day. Blaming Richmond for her latest wedding mishap Lai-Ching seeks out Richmond for revenge only to get drunk when he finds her and then for her to blurt out that he has been the one she always wanted to marry. Richmond seeing Lai-ching is drunk thinks she is speaking nonsense.

It is soon revealed that seven years ago Lai-ching was a former staff member at Midsummer Night Garden Hotel who highly admired Richmond for his fairness and honorable treatment of the hotel staff. The two had spent a passionate night together which Richmond doesn't seem to remember since he was heavily drunk.

While at the hotel to repay a bill for damages done to the suite she stayed at, Lai-ching is mistaken by a staff member as an underprivileged person there for a job interview. After hearing her sad story about her failure in romance Lai-ching gets hired at Midsummer Night Garden Hotel. She doesn't want the job but her sister Lai-chi reminds her that they are in need of money since they just repaid a hefty bill to the hotel. Wayne in a power struggle with his father Richmond forcefully recruits Lai-ching as a staff at the hotel to make Richmond miserable and also cure Lai-ching of her love sickness for Richmond.


40’s「天生愛情狂」-羅麗晶 &「天生工作狂」-莊富豪






30’s發姣港女-繆思 &「酒店太子爺」-莊雋穎



20’s向「錢」看學生-范泰晞 & 攝影師-高琛



尋覓真愛  情路崎嶇

Comedy, Romance, TV Series
Eddie Cheung, Adia Chan, Owen Cheung, Jeannie Chan, Brian Tse, Erin Wong, Law Lan, Amy Fan, Max Cheung, Eileen Yeow, Griselda Yeung
20 Episodes
10 April 2017
Production company(s):