The Condor Heroes 1995 - 神鵰俠侶

Yeung Gou (Louis Koo) by chance bumped into a tomb where the head of the tomb, Lui (Carman Lee) accepted him, as her student. They lived together and gradually developed a special feeling for each other. Their love was pure. However, Ping (Ken Chan) ruined everything when he raped Lung. Gou loved Lui so much that he married her. Though they loved each other deeply, they still had to part. Fortunately, they met again after sixteen years… On the other hand, Gou was entangled with Ching (Pak Piu) and Yung (Ngai Chau Wah). They were both his patron and enemy. Gou was confused. Ching had once engaged his daughter, Kwok Fu (Gigi Fu) to Gou, but Gou refused to marry her. Fu in anger, chopped Gou's left hand off. Since then they became enemies. The younger daughter, Kwok Sheung (Theresa Lee), however was more often minded and forgiving. Though she loved Gou, she encouraged Gou to search for Lui. She hid her love for Gou deep down inside her heart…
TV Series
Louis Koo, Carman Lee, Ken Chan
32 Episodes
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