Shining Days (Cantonese) - 璀璨人生

YuFei (Li Qin) who lives an average life, meets and becomes close friendswith the rich and spoiled Ye Lin (Kan Qing Zi). Ye Lin discovers her fiancee, Zhang He Fan (Peter Ho) is actually in love with Yu Fei becauseshe saved him when he was a child. Ye Lin, is jealous of Yu Fei and decides to use her boyfriend, Xia Yu Yang (Michael Zhang) to seek revenge. After that, Yu Fei finds out that Ye Lin is actually her half sister. Yu Fei’s mother (who is actually Ye Lin's biological mother) switched Yu Fei and Ye Lin at birth to seek revenge. Knowing the truth, Yu Fei didn’t want to hurt Ye Lin even more since it was not her fault, but Ye Lin could not accept losing her love and her family at the same time. She decided she will never give up her ‘shining life’ to Yu Fei. After facing many difficult situations and overcoming them together, Yu Fei and Ye Lin reconciled while Yu Fei got her happy ending.  

Zhang Michael, Ho Peter, Li Qin, Chou Amanda, Yang Ming Na, Kan Adi
27 August 2013