Love Myself or You - 喜歡·一個人

Pleasantly Surprised, Love Meets Cupid
Things are heating up in Love Myself or you? and it's not just the food!There are only two things that make sous chef Du Kai Qi (Puff Guo) happy: comics and food. She needs no man in her life except for Chef Louis, a renowned master chef in French cuisine whom she admires from afar. When a new intern, Fu Zhi Jie, plops right into her kitchen Kai Qifinds her own temperature rising as she has no time to deal with a clueless and clumsy intern. Little does she know, Zhi Jie is the youngest son of the restaurant owner and the very same Chef Louis she admires!
Guo Xue Fu, Liu Yi Hao, Lene Lai, Jian Hong Lin, Lee Shiau Shiang, Ba Yu, Zhang Fu Jian, Mei Xian Zhi
22 Episodes
23 May 2014