IMAT: Crime Scene Medics - IMAT の奇跡

IMAT 非常救援隊 / 事件救命医 / IMAT no Kiseki / Jiken Kyumeii
In response to the request by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), the IMAT team was set up in September of 2012. IMAT, which stands for Incident Medical Assistance Team, aims to provide onsite medical help to the wounded, as the sooner medical aid is rendered, the higher survival rates. In order to provide these doctors as much protection as possible, they have to wear their bullet-proof vests at all times when deployed to the accident scene. This drama is a first of its kind, to feature these IMAT doctors in action under extremely tensed situations.

Tamaki Hiroshi, Tanaka Kei, Kanjiya Shihori, Mizuno Miki, Takahashi Katsunori
Hoshino Kazunari
01 Episodes
06 October 2013