Apple-Colada - 果欄中的江湖大嫂

LeeMung Lo married to Malaysia for the riches, but after incurring massivedebt, she has no choice but to return to Hong Kong to live with her niece Lee Lok Yee. They have frequent disagreements because of their polar opposite personalities. When Lee Mung Lo finds out that her brother's fruit stall is encroached on by Fung Dai Kin and his nephew Fung Bo, she begins using a series of hardandsoft-ball tactics to take the property back, creating many jokes and crises. Lee Lok Yee's classmate Wong Yau Choi is a passionate social worker who meets the extraordinary Chan Yuk Mui and becomes entangled inthe drama of the fruit market and the underworld. Lee Mung Lo, Lee Lok Yee and Chan Yuk Mui go through many difficulties and brings revolutionary changes to the outdated fruit market that was lacking vitality.

TV Series
Alice Chan, Wong Kwong Leung, Eliza Sam, Raymond Wong, Mat Yeung, Crystal Fung, Jazz Lam
30 Episodes
05 March 2018
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