VJ on the Scene

The Guerilla of the Documentary World!
The Guerilla of the Documentary World – the Forerunner of the 6mm Broadcast Launched on May 5, 2000, VJs on the Scene was a forerunner in breaking away from the preconception that documentaries are boring. This program is broadcast every Saturday, and has gained enormous popularity among grassroots viewers for its stories that feature scenes from everyday life, all kinds of incidents that happen at night in police stations, various street attractions, the life in conventional markets and many other stories that are full of human affection.
Only the sky is the limit to VJs on the Scene - the production team is ready to go everywhere to film interesting episodes, even if that means putting off the clothes to film a sauna, or climbing to the top of the most rugged mountain to film Buddhist monks. When the entire Korean Peninsula was swept by the Soccer World Cup fever and parliamentary elections, VJs on the Scene dispatched 12 staff members to the “hot-spot” venues to film thousands of enthusiastic citizens who gathered there to show their patriotic ardor.
05 May 2000