The Love Experience - 有招没招之爱情达人

You Zhao Mei Zhao
Western style high-Anne (Anita) not only as a fashion magazine editor, was also regarded as addressing gender gotcha "love of people", is ??? (Qiu Xinzhi) Variety goddess hearts. Hou Total (Lam Suet) Mahogany Dore, is typical of "habitual affair", he developed "anti-rape artifact", promise to match wits with his wife's cause in the end. Hou total thought "anti-rape artifact" Chenfang Ming can help get rid of the image of a model husband, but do not want to be self-defeating jokes abound. In order to become a cover girl calm female students, aimed at Hou total, the United States staged a small LORI lure undead drama, appeared to be successful, someone posted the black race, she also received an overall climate expose the "hidden rules" of extortion letter

高端洋气的安妮(袁咏仪饰)不仅身为时尚杂志主编,还被奉为解决两性疑难杂症的“爱情达人”,更是陈方明(邱心志 饰)心中的百变女神。侯总(林雪饰)花心多金,是典型的“习惯性外遇”,他开发了“反奸神器”,誓将与老婆斗智斗勇的事业进行到底。侯总本以为“反奸神器”可以帮陈方明摆脱模范老公的形象,不想却弄巧成拙笑料百出。为了成为封面女郎的女大学生冷静,不惜瞄准侯总,上演小萝莉美诱怪蜀黍的戏码,眼看就要成功,竞有人发帖黑她,候总也收到了一封揭穿“潜规则”的勒索信
Anita Yuen, Qiu Xinzhi, Chrissie Chau, Jean Li, Lam Suet, Shi Shi
Zhi Lei
97 Minutes
27 December 2013