Panda Express - 熊貓大俠

Xiong Mao Da Xia, Panda Heroes, Panda Warriors
Set in southern China during the Song Dynasty (1127-1279), Panda Express tells the story of Wang Laoji, a dart seller who is tasked with escorting a giant panda to Lin’an city, where it will perform at a party in honor of an important general. During his journey, Wang meets a variety of characters including a female thief who is anxious to get married, a Mongolian warrior who believes that eating the panda will make him invincible, a woman in search of animal smugglers, and two assassins who are planning to murder the general. All of this leads to a journey that promises to have audiences in stitches with its perfectly timed one-liners, ridiculous side plots and captivating digital effects.
A-Duo, Liu Hua, Deng Jiajia, Ren Quan, Li Xiaochuan, Li Changyuan, He Jiong, Pace Wu, Shi Ning, Koji Yano, Li Yu, Ji Jie, Wei Wei, Huang Yixin
Wang Yuelun
92 minutes
November 20, 2009