North Point - 北角

Bei Jiao
Min (Lily Chung), who moved to Hong Kong as a teenager 25 years ago from Fujian province, China, lives in a high-rise flat in North Point with her two sons, teenage Wenjie (Lam Chun-kin) and young Xiaowu (Au-yeung Oi-lam), and Wenjie’s girlfriend from China, Xiaoyun (Zeng Xing). A single woman, she runs a small sewing business and is a devout Buddhist, regularly attending a local temple and helping out with charitable deeds. One day she sells up her business and, with the help of Xia (Wong Yi-kam), an old friend who moved with her to Hong Kong, starts selling life assurance. When Xiaoyun discovers she’s pregnant, Wenjie is delighted and the two plan to marry, though Min is concerned where the money will come from. Another old friend from the Mainland, restaurateur Xie Youcai (Hugo Ng), long separated from his wife, tells he he’s always ready to help, but Min turns him down. One of her friends, Hong (May Li), runs an undercover business arranging for Mainland couples expecting a baby to come to Hong Kong for the birth so the child can get local citizenship. One couple is Li Wei (Zhou Lang), whom Min met at the Buddhist temple, and his wife Li Lili (He Ling). Another is Xu (Wu Shengjian) and his wife (Zeng Xiaoyun), to whom Min rents her own bedroom. Three months later, Xiaoyun is now under pressure from her family in the Mainland to give birth to the child back in China, but Wenjie is against the idea as he wants his kid to be a Hong Kong citizen. Meanwhile, the now heavily pregnant Lili wants a Caesarian but finds it’s impossible. And Min’s job is threatened as she still hasn’t sold a single insurance policy, even to her Mainland friends.
Romance, Family
Lily Chung Suk-Wai, Wong Yee-Kam, Hugo Ng Doi-Yung, Zeng Xing
Zhu Shaoyu
88 minutes
June 18, 2011