Love On Credit - 幸福額度

Xing Fu E Du
Xiaoqing ﹝ Lin Chi-ling Lin Chi-ling ornaments decorated ﹞﹝ with Xiaohong, a pair of very different character's twin sister, sister Xiaoqing believe in true love, my sister Xiaohong are advocating worships money. Xiaoqing and personalized copies of the recognized exchanges decade boyfriend who decorated Liu Kang ﹞ ﹝ save homebuyers ready to get married, because of the ginger into the light to be cheated savings and real estate, angrily broke up, overnight on love completely disappointed; and Xiaohong for their own boss has a small three decades of waiting, the result was just being deceived and frustrated.
Romance, Comedy
Lin Chi-Ling, Chen Kun, Liao Fan, Tony Yang, Amber Wu
Chen Zhengdao
90 mins
October 28, 2011