Fate and Consequence - 武僧

Wu Seng
Martial arts action film Wu Seng was made in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Jet Li classic The Shaolin Temple. Set in the 14th century during the early years of the Ming Dynasty, Wu Seng stars Hong Kong action star Terry Fan Siu Wong as Shaolin-trained general Yang Wu. After Yongle usurped the throne from Emperor Jianwen, loyal general Yang Wu secretly rescued child prince Zhu Wenkui and placed him in the care of the Wenchang Temple. Ten years later, Wenkui has grown up to be a strong, young man and Yang Wu is ready to put his plans to overthrow Yongle into action. When the Emperor discovers the plot, however, he sends an army of assassins after Yang Wu and Wenkui. They flee to Dafo Temple where Yang and the temple’s monks make their final stand against the emperor’s men.
Martial Arts
Fan Siu Wong, Mao Zhi-Qiang, Yuan Wen-Ting, Liang Feng, Xu Caigen, Lam Wai
He Wei, Chow Jan-Wing
84 minutes