Death is Here 3 - 笔.仙Jing魂3

Department of Biology, Xiaohua high Mo recently caught in a confusionand fear - because her psychic eye can see ghosts . Study room in the school , the girls toilets , library and campus late at night , her eyesalways unintentionally caught in a mysterious red creature wandering . Holidays approaching, high foam and navy , Tommy love the outdoors , such as a group of college students traveling Mix together six college students under the leadership of the wizard Agee began to stimulate the mountains of journey

生物系校花高沫(余心恬饰)最近陷入一片迷惘与恐惧之中——因为她的眼睛能通灵看到鬼。在学校自习室、女生厕所、图书馆和深夜的校园,她的眼睛总是不期然地撞见一个神秘的红衣生物在游荡。假期来临之际,高沫与海蓝(郭艳 饰)、张宇(郭鑫饰)等一群热爱户外旅行的大学生驴友聚在一起,六名大学生在向导阿吉的带领下开始了刺激的深山之旅
Vicky, Yan Guo, Xin Guo, Peng Lang, Fu Man, Xue Fei, Yunfei Wu, Jia Xi
Er Guan
99 Minutes
04 April 2014