Cold War - 寒戰

In Asia's safest city, the police have long been untouchable. Approaching midnight in Hong Kong, police headquarters receives an anonymous call: a fully-loaded police van carrying the forces, most advance equipment and five highly trained officers has disappeared off the grid. The hijackers possess direct knowledge of police procedures. They're already steps ahead. The police must meet a list of demands to ensure the hostage's release, including the delivery of a large ransom. Any delay will cost lives.
Action, Crime, Police
Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung, Charlie Yeung, Gordon Lam, Chin Kar lok, Andy On, Terence Yin, Aarif Rahman, Eddie Peng, Andy Lau, Ma Yili, Alex Tsui, Byron Mann
Longman Leung, Sunny Luk
100 Minutes
04 October 2012