Break Up 100 - 分手100次

Fen Shou 100 Ci
The distance between two people in the world is the farthest not when they are face-to-face without realizing their love for each other; it iswhen they are deeply in love but are waiting for the other person to end the relationship first.
Sam and Barbara have been together for eight years, but the key to their relationship is breaking up. Each timeBarbara threatens to leave, Sam would give in and beg her to come back,giving her an increasing upper hand. After their 99th breakup, the couple finally decides to stick through with their relationship and not break up so easily. They plan a future together by running their own café.
Romance, Comedy
Ekin Cheng, Chrissie Chau, Ivana Wong, Andy Leung, Kenny Chan, Jase Ho, King Wu, Swan Wen, He Haopeng, Miriam Yeung, Eric Kot
Lawrence Cheng
105 Minutes
01 August 2014