Blind Detective - 盲探

The latest film by director Johnnie To and frequent collaborator Wai Ka Fai, the mystery detective film Blind Detective reunites popular screen couple Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng (Needing You, Love on a Diet) for the first time since 2004's Yesterday Once More, which was also directed by To. As the eponymous Blind Detective, Andy Lau forms an eccentric tag team with Sammi Cheng's police officer, who wants to take advantage of his enhanced senses to solve crime. The genre-defying film blends grittycrime mystery, buddy cop, psychodrama and romantic comedy – all wrappedtogether by Andy and Sammi's impeccable screen chemistry. Milkyway regulars Guo Tao, Gao Yuanyuan, Lam Suet, Lo Hoi Pang and Philip Keung also appear in the film. Cranky blind detective Johnston (Andy Lau) was once the ace of the police force, but he was forced to retire after losing his eyesight. He continues to investigate cases on his own in hopes of collecting bounty money. While tailing a suspect, Johnston meets bumbling police officer Ho Ka Tung (Sammi Cheng). She hires him tosolve a mystery that has haunted her for many years: the disappearance of a childhood friend. Johnston, who gets into the mind of the criminal by reenacting crime scenes, teaches Ka Tung the ropes while stringing her along to help with his own cases. As they dig deeper into the clues,they realize that Ka Tung's friend may be one of many missing women linked to a serial murder case.
Action, Crime
Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng, Tao Guo, Yuanyuan Gao, Man Wai Wong, Hoi Pang Lo, Mimi Zhu, Yue Ting Lang
Johnnie To
130 Minutes
04 July 2013
Production company(s):
Media Asia