An Autumn’s Tale - 秋天的童話

Chou Tin Dik Tong Wah
Beautiful and spoiled Lee Kay goes to college in New York City and also to visit her boyfriend Dickson.

The one to meet her at the airport is a distant relative Boat Head. Boat Head spends his days waiting tables in Chinatown, and his nights in gambling dens.

Lee Kay is shocked to find out that Dickson has a new girlfriend. In her depression she begins to cloister up herself. One day at home, Lee Kay almost dies of a gas leak, but is fortunately saved by Boat Head, who lives a floor below. Under Boat Heads care and guidance, Lee Kay gradually adapts herself to the new surrounding.

Autumn approaches, Lee Kay accepts a new job in another city. Boat Head comes to see her off. Neither of them make explicit their feelings, but they know they will always have a beautiful memory to fall back on.
Yun-Fat Chow, Cherie Chung, Danny Chan Bak-Keung, George G. Colucci, Ozzy Kid, Brenda Lo, Gigi Wong Suk Yee
Mabel Cheung
98 mins
16 July 1987 (Hong Kong)