All About Love - 得閒炒飯

"All About Love" depicts the lives of two early 40s women Macy (Sandra Ng) & (Vivian Chow)Anita, who were once lovers. The women cross paths again when they bothof them attend a counseling service for pregnant mothers.

Macy is a lawyer who is pregnant with the child of a married man (Eddie Cheung). Anita is a bank clerk who is carrying the child of a teenager named Mike (William Chan). Both of the woman are carrying babies from one night flings. Will the two woman reunite?
Romance, Comedy
Sandra Ng, Vivian Chow, William Chan, Queenie Chu, Fung Bo Bo, Raven Hanson, Serina Ha, Jo Kuk, Abe Kwong, Eman Lam, Rick Lau, Tina Lau, Jayson Li
Ann Hui
105 Minutes
26 August 2010
Production company(s):
Class Limited, Mega-Vision Pictures (MVP)