A Fishy Story - 不脫襪的人

Bu Tuo Wa De Ren, Bat Tuet Mat Dik Yan
Maggie Cheung plays an actress who shares an apartment building with Kenny Bee. They meet one day when she walks in on him in the toilet, and an odd sort of relationship begins. Although their lives are unfolding along radically different trajectories, an upwardly mobile movie starlet and an earthy taxi driver (Kenny Bee) fall deeply in love and try to maintain their relationship amidst the anti-colonial unrest of 1960s Hong Kong.
Kenny Bee, Anthony Chan, Maggie Cheung, Josephine Koo, Lin Chung, Season Ma, Carrie Ng, Gujjar Singh, Yuen Tak
Anthony Chan
99 mins
September 07, 1989
Production company(s):
Bo Ho Film Company Ltd., Golden Harvest Company, Mobile Film Production