Ultraman Orb (Cantonese) - 超人Orb

Along time ago, the Earth was at the brink of destruction after King Demon Beasts wreaked havoc, but the monsters were sealed with the help of Ultra Warriors. 

In the present day, these monsters were unsealed by Jugglus Juggler as cases of monster attacks started to appear in Japan. During Maga-Basser's attack, Gai made his debut by saving Naomi, the leader of the paranormal website SSP and started his mission to stop the resurrection of King Demon Beasts while taking refuge in the SSP's office. Unknown to the others, Gai secretly transforms into Ultraman Orb, a warrior of light who borrows the power of past Ultra Warriors upon losing his original form to fight against frequent monster attacks while facing Juggler, his original ally turned adversary after being rejected to be chosen for Orb's power. In the middle of the series, Juggler awakened the legendary monster Maga-Orochiwho surpasses Orb in every of his available forms. Through the use of Zoffy and Ultraman Belial's powers as Thunder Breastar, Gai/Orb managed to defeat the infamous destroyer but his little control of its immense power almost killed Naomi when she was captured by Galactron. After learning to have faith in his strength, Gai manages to control Thunder Breastar and regains his lost form, Orb Origin. 

在遙遠的過去,出現了能夠毀滅世界的恐怖存在- 魔王獸,打算將一切破壞殆盡。但是,光之戰士超人力霸王們,封印了魔王獸,取回了宇宙的和平。時光流逝,環遊世界的流浪青年,使用名為Orb圓環的道具,借用傳說中的超人力霸王的力量,變身成為超人力霸王Orb,向復活的魔王獸發起了挑戰!