Transformers Robots In Disguise S2 - 變形金剛: 領袖之路 2

Weeksafter the defeat of Megatronus, the Autobots continue to deal with the threat of the Decepticon fugitives that are still on Earth. While Steeljaw is still at large, he works to ally with any other Decepticon fugitives like the group that is led by Glowstrike, Scorponok, and Saberhorn. But as Optimus's immense power is drained by the Primes, the Autobots split into two teams: an away team led by Optimus Prime and another team that remains at their scrapyard base. Along the way, the Autobots run into a strange occurrence in the form of Decepticon criminals who are not listed in the Alchemor prisoner manifest yet have criminal records on Cybertron. As the two Autobot teams are reunited, the Autobot Ratchet & his Mini-Con, Undertone find the rest of the Decepticons in a hideout called "Decepticon Island", which was made of half of the Alchemor. In the wake of their victory, Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Windblade & the Mini-Cons that were held prisoner on the Alchemor repairs the ship to be returned to Cybertron, as Bumblebee & the team reside on earth. 

14 March 2015
Production company(s):
Cartoon Network