The power puff girls - 飛天小女警

The Powerpuff Girls are cleaning out their closet when Buttercup finds her old lucky blanket. The girls remember the time that they had first seen Buttercup with it and how they had chased her around the house to get a better look at it (Cover Up). Then Bubbles remembers the time when Mojo Jojo turned them into dogs (Monkey See, Doggie Do) and Blossom remembers when he tried it again (Monkey See, Doggy Two). 

Thegirls also remember the time when the Professor turned them and everyone else in town into babies and the time when they lost their superpowers. 

Buttercup also remembers when theysped up time and became teenagers--the sisters chose to give up their crime-fighting lifestyles and live like normal teenagers. This included things like becoming more interested in fashion, wearing makeup and spending their free time hanginout at the mall--it was at the TownsvilleMall that they met the teen Rowdyruff Boys and organized a triple date with them. While the girls and the boys were organizing their date, chaos struck Townsville as crooks and monsters attacked it with no one to stop them. 

The girls then become aware that the Professor is watching them. The Professor tells them about the time when he renewed his driver's license, which the girls find boring. Then Blossom remembers the time when the Professor got married to Ms. Sara Bellum, but it turned out to be Mojo Jojo under her hair. As the Professor stops them from talking about it, all four of them see Mayor with them, who wonders why it isn't his own house they are at. Then he tells them about when he remembered the thing that was happening now andwhen the Professor made him a giant pickle (which never happened). Suddenly everyone turns up and remembers things. 

Later,the Powerpuff Girls and the Professor are sitting at their kitchen, drinking hot chocolate, remembering all the events that happened in the episode. Also, the narrator ends the show by remembering how at the end of every Powerpuff Girls episode, he'd say "So once again, the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls." 

John McIntyre
Production company(s):
Cartoon Network