Super Wings - 超級飛俠

This animation series takes place on Earth where most modes of transportation, from cars to planes, are controlled by sentient robots. Here, the series features a red jet plane named Jett. He is based at World Airport and his main mission is to deliver packages to children around the world, per Jimbo's orders. Jimbo explains to Jett a bit aboutthe package's destination and how to say some words in a language native to that location. Once he arrives there, he is confronted by challenges at that particular area. When he cannot solve a problem by himself, he radios back to base (Jimbo) to request help from his fellow airplane friends called the "Super Wings". Jimbo then decides which Super Wings member gets to help Jett. Once all the problems are solved, Jett and one of his airplane friends say "Super Wings... we deliver" andhead back home to World Airport.

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